Post 834: International House

$800 Covenient [Hwy] Beautiful Ocean Viewuse for International Professional
I’m offering you great deal of one of the the single room from immidiately to International young post dr, medical researcher or medical student. This house lives international from Germany retired medical researcher and other from Japan, so look for international proffesinal.
This house locate at the quiet and peaceful neighborhood with an ocean view.
It is one minute away from [Hwy] and easy access to [Location, County] etc.
There is furnished already bed, table and closets in the room.
There is famous good quality food supermarket ‘Seaside market’ within a few blocks and beach couple of blocks and a lot of restrung and shop near this area. It is easy to enjoy run or walk to the beach.
It is 800usd a month including ulitily.
Looking somebody quiet, respectful and responsible.
Please write about yourself job, age and hobby, telephone number to contact.
Thank you.

A room furnished with closets! 800 includes ulitily, whatever that is. A famous supermarket that no one has ever heard of, and a lot of restrung folks waiting for their stimulus check so they can get unstrung. I’m not sure what they will do, the German and the Japanese, if the post dr applicant doesn’t have a hobby.


4 thoughts on “Post 834: International House

  1. Hmm, ocean views but a three block run to the beach?
    Sounds a bit like, “Yeah, so, you go to the roof, climb over the ‘No Access, Restricted Area’ fence and lean over the power lines, you can just see the sea” applies here.

    Let’s unpack that $800. If we, conservatively, call the non-rent portion $300, that means the actual rent is around $500. At a ridiculously low $1.50/sf, that suggests about 333 square feet (about 31 sq meters). Which suggests that the closet and the bathroom will be of about equal dimensions. And a very minimalist “kitchenette.”

    That presumes this is a legit rental meant for individual renters. And not the illegal sub-sub-let of a room down the hall from the extra-creepy English as third language person, who has glossed over whether the lock is on the inside or the outside of the room’s door.

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