Post 835: Shifty Fellow

antique AFRICAN MASK – $125
condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: AFRICAN
model name / number: MAASAI? DANCE?
size / dimensions: 17″ LONG 14″ WIDE

Shh, Sparky! No need to shout. I notice you said the antique part very quietly. NinjaChow suggested this as a quarantine mask, and I’m sure the side-eye won’t cause any trouble when you go to the bank or the liquor store. And what was Sparky doing in Tanzania, possibly, 50 years ago? The 1970s were strange for everyone.

Thanks for another great ad, NC.


4 thoughts on “Post 835: Shifty Fellow

  1. That is a Lega turtle shell mask from the Congo (West Africa), not Maasai or from Tanzania. It is worth considerably more than Sparky is asking, particularly with the raffia fringe still attached.

    Before my house burned 10 years ago, I had a large collection of ethnographic masks, and I would be happy to buy this if I were in Canada. However, a bigger problem than the bank or liquor store could be US Customs/UDSA. Importing animal/raw fiber products into the US can be problematic. You may have to prove the turtle is not a protected species, the fiber has been treated to kill insects, etc. They can’t see a virus, but they do look for more obvious alien invaders.

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  2. Note that Spark omits any mention of legally obtaining this mask from an “Estate.”
    Which might explain not knowing anything about the thing.
    People with the focus and commitment to research tend to not engage in burglary, too.

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