Post 836: Pandemic Barbie

Barbie limited edition. Dia de los muertos – $110
Brand new
Barbie limited edition. Dia de los muertos
$100. Price is firm
Cash only
Pick up only

Psst! Sparky, you may want to check your figures there. The price is firm only in your head. You’re off by almost 9 dollars. She’s not that big, you don’t need a pickup. Not only am I stunned that there is a Dia de Los Muertos Barbie, but I’m also impressed she doesn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes. Too bad I missed Cinco de Mayo. Aye Yi Yi!

3 thoughts on “Post 836: Pandemic Barbie

  1. Had to look this up, and yes, there’s a Barbie for that. (There are “unofficial” barbies for lots of stuff, this is a rathole that leaves hentai and fanfic behind).

    Spark may be squishy as you can order the DLM Barbie direct from Mattel for $75.
    Auction prices are running in the $120, but there are no sales at that price point, just lots of relistings.

    On eBay, realized prices are running $48-55, and those are NIB (New in Box) unopened.
    Out of box, or missing box, is down in the twenties, and not really selling much.

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  2. No, the “what next” for Barbie is fertiel ground for imagining.
    Plague Barbie?
    They are probably missing a boat by not offering an “Essential Worker” barbie, all they’d need is an N95 mask (although the hangdog expression of repeated 12 hour shifts might be more complicated).

    Plague Janet Barbie?

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