Post 837: I Only Want the First Two

Bostitch cue card holders
condition: excellent
Bostitch cue card holders. Very old, and classic. junk for some; treasure for others. There are 3 holders: The first 2 are free if you pay $5 for the last holder.

Submitter NinjaChow wants to know if this is some kind of new cat math. Like Persian as opposed to Japanese Bob Tail. I want to know how old Sparky is and how he figured out these are cue card holders. The Bostitch Web Page doesn’t list these items at all. Sparky must have taken a leap of faith and figured out this was the only use for something that kept cards in line. Or did he mean flashcards? Oh, well, great find, NC. Very old and classic junk.


3 thoughts on “Post 837: I Only Want the First Two

  1. It’s a RolloDex, only avoiding the trademarked product name.

    Cue cards are a completely different animal (and rather a platypus, at that). And as near extinct as a RolloDex.

    We press the button labeled “Contacts” on our phone for the info that used to have to be transcribed, by hand, onto rolling index cards.

    It was something that “Executive Secretaries” were in charge of, back when “three martini” lunches were a thing.

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  2. Three? But there are 4 photos. If the first 2 photos are the same item, then why not 6 photos?

    You know the saying about “she could sing the phone book and I would listen”? These are those cue cards!

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