Post 838: Dome-estic Violence

Winegard carryout G2 automatic satelite – $80

post 838 dome.jpg

Winegard G2 satellite. Come with mounting bracket for semi truck or and vertical location the mount it. Dome is beat up from hitting trees. It still worked fine.
I no longer have the cables that go with it. Sold as is.

I tried calling for carryout G2 but the people laughed. Maybe Sparky is doing too much Winegarding and not enough looking out for trees. I tried to think about Come with mounting bracket and truck or and vertical location the mount it Not only has Sparky mislaid the cables that go with it, but he’s also lost 25% of the language. Now the Satellite’s confused.

3 thoughts on “Post 838: Dome-estic Violence

  1. I know what a satellite is, I have not idea what a “satelite” might be. Other than, perhaps, something which offers less than full satiation.

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  2. I’m not sure which is more suggestive of even further sparkii mayhem, that’s there’s an admission of bashing a portable tv antenna against trees, repeatedly. Or, that the cables–the bespoke cables–are missing, whereabouts unknown.

    In looking up this specific brand, the dome is there to protects a rotating receiver dish, which needs to move in two axes to acquire a satellite tv signal. So, the bashed-in divots, could, in fact, impede signal reception.

    New, these run about $650 before taxes, shipping, & handling. Looking on eBay, used versions (that work, have cables, etc,) are selling dor at least $250, and more typically around $300.

    So, I suspect Spark’s price of $80 is just doubling the $40 they were offered at the pawn shop.

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