Post 841: Putting the Fun in Funnel

metal funnel vintage – $30
condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: metal funnel
size / dimensions: 10″
vintage antique metal funnel. in great condition. minimal surface rust. $30 call or text Jerub

It says here that “excellent” means possessing outstanding quality or superior merit; remarkably good. And “great” unusual or considerable in degree, power, intensity, etc. What we have here in this funnel is a beat-up old bit of tin or such metals that you no doubt found out in the desert somewhere. Granted, I could be way off as far as collectibility, but asking $30 for something that will get you a buck-fifty at the recycling place is a tad much, Jerub.

3 thoughts on “Post 841: Putting the Fun in Funnel

  1. Well, “excellent” is in the details. That’s better than average condition if it was made in Henry Ford’s plant circa 1910.
    Perhaps less if from the payless Hardware store in Topeka in 1980.

    Now, that has a look, and shape, that suggests it might actually be made of tin. It does not have the crusty look of galvanized steel (nor the bright red rust, either).

    Were it steel, and given the depresses salvage market, that’s probably under 40¢ (Pure) Tin is running $120/ton versus steel at $87. Those are not very human numbers, but pure tin would be 6¢ per pound, steel is 4¢ (one pound being about 453 grams).
    Now, this will not be pure tin, either. It will have zinc and antimony in it as well (the former to improve “workability” the latter to improve strength).

    Wouls have a lot more value as part of Tin Man cosplay costuming.

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  2. Alas, poor Funnel, look Horatio, I knew him well
    The tin to raise the gorge now
    Once passed chemicals untold through its throat.
    You, grave-maker, how long hath this lain here?
    I know not, for I only know this ground now.
    Knave, answer my question.
    Well, it might have lain a decade, or ten, ere water gets to it.
    What say you?
    Why, if no water touch it, like a tanner, it might be excellent for nigh a century.
    Tis a Miracle! Why, Hortaio, we must away to CL to sell this treasure!
    Yes, Sire.

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