Post 842: Upright Lies

piano Beethoven, tiger wood, looks and plays good – $700
piano Beethoven, tiger wood, looks and plays good, always been center piece of my living room for 50 years and the piano is over 100 years old. Cash only.

This piano used to belong to Beethoven and was played by Tiger Woods. Looks and plays good. Over 100 years old. Only cash will be considered.

There, fixed it for you, Sparky. The piano sounds good like a piano should.


3 thoughts on “Post 842: Upright Lies

  1. An upright piano that old may look good, but unless it has been extensively rebuilt, it will cost far more than it is worth to make it tunable. I offer Sparky my unfinished sympathy for his decomposing decoration.

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  2. “Beethoven”? That last character sure looks like an “R” and not an “N.” Oops.

    As wood grain goes, that’s reasonably good “tiger” (striped) Maple. It’s significant;y more value if it’s solid wood and not a veneer.

    Judging form the photos, it’s had some less-than expert repairs or refinishing done. And, a number of finishes available a century ago need periodic preventative maintenance. Which appears to have been sore lacking on Grannies’ or GeMa’s ol’ pi-an-er.

    So, along with a very expensive trip by the piano tuner, it also needs a very expensive trip down to the wood refinisher–and not a $150-200 trip to the furniture refinisher, but a $500-750 trip to a musical instrument refinisher.

    That’s an upright money pit.


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