Post 844: Fowl Play

Come and take it
8’x8’high statue playground. Extremely heavy. You’ll need a skid steer and a flat bed

In Classic YSaC style, this do work for me ad for something free will end up costing the person who wants the duck a lot of money. What I want to know is, Why a duck?

Also, if it’s 8 feet high by 8 feet wide, shouldn’t it be square? I can’t take it anymore. I need to go ponder these mysteries.

4 thoughts on “Post 844: Fowl Play

  1. And, just who is taking responsibility for the elebenty strands of lights on this thing?
    Are those structural, or restraining?
    Who is cleaning out the rat/snake/grackle habitat inside?

    I will need “a skid steer and a flatbed.” Well, fine and dandy, there, Spark, what size? Skid steer vehicles are not all one size, nor are they universally capable. A Melrose 22A does not have the lifting ability of a CAT485. This is also important, as I need a trailer for the skid steer matched to its size, as well as another one for your waterfoul.

    Hmm, as a thought exercise. 8x8x8 is 512 cubic feet. Let’s randomly assign 20% as the actual volume. That’s around 100 cf., at 150#/cf that’s 15,000 pounds, or 7.5 short tons (a hair over 7 tonnes for our SI readers). Or more than the “average” skid steer weighs. Ok, let’s bump that down a notch, its 50cf, or 7500#, 3.5 tons (3+ tonnes); or about half the weight of a skid steer. As a rule of thumb, you generally do not want to try and lift more than a quarter of the weight of the machine you are using (unless one wishes to emulate Buster Keaton, seesaws and the like–less than recommended with $15K machinery).

    Note, too, that 4-8 ton capacity flatbed trailers do not exactly grow on trees. They are generally not “loaners” (nor, that much “for hire” either, as you need a specialized vehicle to tow them).

    Sigh, it’s your haunted duck, you live with it.

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  2. I suspect the bird is fiberglass, not concrete, but it’s still more than I would want to try to move with a Bobcat. And what is that snail thing behind it — a giant model bird shit? Is it included? And how did that bird land there in the first place ? Does the gantry in the background have anything to do with it? So many questions, starting with: Is that supposed to be a duck or a goose?


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