Post 845: Really Ducking Old

Antique duck decoy – $250
I dont know too much about this item , i do know they sell for much more.
will sell for $250 cash
reply with name/ number
serious inquiries only
untested, so not sure if it floats, i dont see any visible cracks which would lead to believe it is fully functional
as is where is condition

I believe this decoy came from the time period when no one could remember what a duck looked like. Does it have a flat thing in front of its head? Sure, that’s a duck! Sparky also doesn’t know much about commas or apostrophes. I love the last line. A question for the ages, something for sages to ponder for decades to come. This would lead to believe, indeed.


5 thoughts on “Post 845: Really Ducking Old

  1. Sparky clearly not fully functional. Serious cracks evident. Must be too early for me to be fully functional because I cannot figure out what a pile of melted snow has to do with ducks. Seriously, what the duck?

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  2. That’s a Canvasback Duck decoy, but probably a recent copy of an old one. A Google search finds decoy-making classes available in Rising Sun MD, about 5 miles north of Havre de Grace, which is noted for its carvers, both antique and modern. The old ones were rarely marked with either a location or name.

    No sensible modern hunter would use an antique decoy in the field; it’s a piece of art. There are plastic and rubber ones available today that are far cheaper and more realistic.

    And whya no chicken? Very cheep by comparison.

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  3. If this were a legit old, very expensive, “duck decoy” it would have features like a keel, keel weight holes, anchor weight holes and the like.
    They actually make terrible antiques and they lay over on their side and are wobbly dustcatchers. Why they command high dollars now is clean beyond me.

    What we have here is some boy scout’s entry for a wood carving merit badge.

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  4. Typically, you want a couple dozen decoys to bring ducks down to a given pond. Far better to use plastic versions that can be collected in a handy net. Especially when the alternative is 3-4# wooden decoys. So, there are reasons the wooden ones are largely found in the antique stores.

    Technology is a thing.

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