Post 846: Must Include Including

Furniture week, apparently.

Gray Square Foot Rest – Large Grey Otterman – Wooden Legs – $30
Large Gray Square Foot Rest with Wooden Legs
Great condition!
Pick up from Silverlake. Can also deliver for a fee.
Payment through Venmo, cash, or Paypal.
Check out my other items by clicking ‘more ads by this user’ ——>
I’m selling lots of furniture ranging from modern, mid century modern and reclaimed timber pieces. Items include including chairs, sofas, beds, side tables, coffee table, tv stand, lamps, plus boardgames, 23 and Me kit, Sony TV, record player, and more!

I venture to say that this item is larger than a square foot. Also few ottermen have wooden legs. Makes swimming very difficult. I’ll give you the large and grey, but how exactly does one reclaim timber pieces? Plus a used 23&Me kit? (shudder)

Well, user apostrophe, I am positive I will pass on this. Kthxbai.


2 thoughts on “Post 846: Must Include Including

  1. So many shudders here.
    Multiple-amputee water mammals, things cubic that are squared, a lack of dimensions, and so on.

    But the stand out has to be the blanket-use of copy without regard to platform. CL is not an auction site, it does not link items by seller–no matter how hard the seller stamps their feet and holds their breath.

    On the vague outside chance that Spark actually is flogging stuff on multiple platforms, just how are they handling it if an item “sells” in two places at once? This may explain the long list of junk available, though, “Sorry I sold that on Marketplace already” and the like.

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