Post 847: The Ottoman of My Years

Furniture week, apparently.

Doll Chair with autumn
This was something I picked up in the mid to late 90’s to restore for my daughter and never got around to it. I was told that it was an American girl dolls chair. I’m doing some cleaning up and this has made the go list. It is dusty from being in the attic for so long. As well it has a broken leg on it. I don’t have the broken piece, that’s the way I got it.

The best thing I can say about this is that it’s free. I wonder how old the daughter is now. You had all those tarps around and couldn’t manage to cover the chair? Well, the season has passed and good luck with unloading this thing. If this is a sign of the autumn to come, I’ll be on the next rocket outta here.

Thanks, Ralph, a great find for the offseason.


4 thoughts on “Post 847: The Ottoman of My Years

  1. What appears to be slightly disquieting is the unpainted walls, bare electrical boxes, and decor o nthe walls suggesting that this is not the attic nor garage, but the “ordinary” living space, which is covered in dusty tarps.

    Which somewhat suggests a “cabin,” perhaps in “the woods.”

    Pray tell, does the daughter go by “Goldie” by any chance?
    Is Spark here Ursus arctos?

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  2. Spring cleaning in Autumn suggests even more procrastination than a fifteen year-old renovation project.
    Although it’s well in keeping with not having painted the walls.

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  3. Ok, I’m still trying to grok an upholstered wingback chair and matching ottoman in “doll” diension.
    Especially with the beading and seam detail around the legs and base–this is difficult to find on modern, adult-sized furniture any more.

    I suspect that Spark has accidentally wandered into a “sales sample” what a factory rep would bring to sell a product line to potential retailers. Some of those were quite details works of art, having miniaturized production items by a quarter or eight full size, but retaining every detail.

    Which means Spark might be giving away a four-digit antique for free.

    Recall we are working on Spark’s definition of “research” which is often just asking Ursula in Accounting.

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