Post 850: Hardly Worth It

Baby playing tent – $18
Baby playing tent in excellent condition

I have to admit, your baby does an excellent imitation of a tent. How long can he hold that pose? I’m assuming a boy due to the big blue bow on the back. Still, the pictures are all I would need. I’m not going to pay you that much just to come to watch him change into a tent, then back out. He does have a cute little smile! Glad he has a hobby he likes, but Sparky, you need to get a life.

3 thoughts on “Post 850: Hardly Worth It

  1. Does the baby lay other things? A pavilion, perhaps, or maybe a marquis?
    Why is the putative infant portraying a gaping maw?
    Is this some sort of Freudian expression of envelopment of all, or a Jungian contrast of Reality and Void?
    Why is it that I can find a similar looking photo describing this as a dog shelter and for $10?

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  2. What should we make of the fact that Spark finds it appropriate to stash infants in an indoor dog shelter?
    To the point that Spark does not recognize the actual use.

    What to do with the concern that Spark might have reproduced and that the statistical odds are against any hope of the apple falling far, far away from the tree (approximating an apple falling from a date palm).


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