Post 851: The Next Pandemic

Chimney flu
About 5′ long, 6″ diameter. Also comes with a 90 degree angle pipe.

This is such an important Public Service Announcement. If you haven’t had your Chimney Flu shot yet, you better do so right away! The needle they use is discribed above. Not sure why there’s an angle pipe with it. If your Chimney catches this Flu, there will be lots of smoking and choking and difficulty breathing. Maybe the angle pipe is to help with that. Anyway, thanks, Ralph, you are a hero for letting us know about this.

3 thoughts on “Post 851: The Next Pandemic

  1. Sigh, details.
    Clay flue pipe or metal flue pipe? If metal, is it “A,” :B,” or “C” pipe (single wall, double wall, and triple wall, respectively).
    Would this product be used or unused? If used, has it been cleaned? If so was the cleaning work done by certified professional?

    This is a bit like saying “I have a drive shaft, you want it?”
    Or, hey, this jar is labeled “vaccine” you want it?

    Nope, I’m taking whatever is behind Door Number Three, Monty, and exiting stage right posthaste.

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  2. So describe your symptoms.
    Er, Imma hot!
    How much?
    About 218ºF
    Ah, anything else.
    Er, Imma shiny, anna settin onna stove.
    Anthing else?
    Er, Imma bent, bout ninety degrees, uppa har a’top.
    Well, Mr. Luxury-Yaght, you have the chimney flu. You will need extensive sweeping and treatment for creosote, and we’ll need to treat your CO emissions . . .
    Sorry, doc, muster bain t’cabbage las’ nite . . .
    [Arches eyebrows]
    And, you’ll have to stop smoking.
    Ah kint due that!

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