Post 852: No Lightning

Apple Thunderbolt Display 27” A1407, NEEDS REPAIR – $120
I was working well, but it just stopped now, I was using it with my MacBook Pro 2010 and after I did the update to my laptop this display didn’t turned on, so I tried with my 2012 MacBook Pro as you see at the photos and the problem is the same, so now is only for parts or repair, if you see a serviceable part for you come an get it, cash and local pick up only in [Location] Ca.
Send me an email if you are interest, screen is not cracked, also still charging my Mac, no way to know what’s the problem, I have the original box also.

There I was, working well, then like a thunderbolt out of the blue screen of death, the working stopped. The problem is the same, no way to know what’s the problem. Sorry, Sparky, I am not interest. Hope someone out there wants to spend $120 on something that didn’t turned on.

4 thoughts on “Post 852: No Lightning

  1. Only $120, huh?
    There’s a working one for $85 on eBay right now.
    And another that would be $115 with shipping.
    You can’t get an iPhone (or the mactablet) camera to focus, and you want twice scrap prices for it.

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