Post 856: Zoomies!

Bike Speedometer – $48
condition: new
make / manufacturer: CatEYE
model name / number: Strada Wireless
STRADA WIRELESS speed sensor.
The “best-selling” Strada Wireless now features a slimmed down computer head unit and comes with CatEye’s standard analog sensor that works with any type of bike.
Lots of Functions with even more Features like: Current Speed & Average Speed, Odometer, Maximum Speed, Trip Distance, FlexTight bracket, Wireless speed Sensor, Programmable odometer, and many more.

Gosh, I didn’t know my bike could go fast enough to need a speedometer. I would like to have a computer head unit. Functions and Features? That’s a nice package! But $48 is so specific. Will you take $50? Wait, I forgot. I don’t have a bike anymore. Will it work on my dog? She does zoomies all the time.

3 thoughts on “Post 856: Zoomies!

  1. Well, this raises more questions than answers.
    It’s alleged to be new. But is not advertised as unopened or complete–and without wheel magnets and the like, the thing is useless.
    The price is absurdly specific. A quick browse on Unc’ Giggle shows curbside delivery from legitimate vendors for $50. A quick brows on eBay finds complete versions available for $40.

    Have to speculate that “best selling” is in quotes as Strada seems to have more than a dozen of these things with minute differences in detail as to what they do for yellow spandex-wearing bike people–the sort that will spend $10K on a bike , frame only.

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