Post 857: Microscopic e-Bike

Rent the Perfect Delivery e-Bike ($29 a week)

post 857 wheels

Rent for $29 per week or $89 per month!
The single best option for delivering food and other essentials around your city. Rent it by the week or by the month. Make your Wheels work for you and start making cash today, while helping your community get the essentials they need.
All devices come with the industry’s first ever self-cleaning handle bars and brake levers. When these handle bars and brake levers come in contact with visible light, they create a powerful and toxin-free oxidation reaction that continuously breaks down any organic contaminants at the microscopic level.
Click Here for More Information.

Not on your life, Sparky! What if the bike decides I’m an organic contaminant? Plus I’m likely to make 9 bucks and change for a half-hour round trip. Let’s say I pedal my butt enough to make $60. After deducting the rental fee, I come home with a whopping $37. Not just no, but heckin no! I’d be better off buying Wednesday’s powered mountain bike and . . . Uh. I just remembered an important engagement elsewhere. Have a good weekend and order lots of take out.


2 thoughts on “Post 857: Microscopic e-Bike

  1. Err, If I’m renting this bike, just whose germs am I to be worried about, again?
    Why only the handlebars & brake grips?

    This is an eBike, so, how much is charging going to set me back? Is this a bait-n-switch where the bike is cheap but the charger is elebenty^elbenty kwatloo?

    Seems like a pretty chintzy way to get out of paying FMW to bike delivery people–you do realize that the IRS actually does look as such deals, yes? While IRS is typically being only about as smurt as potatoes, potatoes are smart enough to sprout and seek out both soil and sunlight.

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