Post 858: Not Quite All

HP 6200 All in One User Manual & CD – $10

post 858 all in one

In New Condition
HP 6200 OfficeJet All in One User Manual
Includes Install CD
Location: [Ish]
Price = $10 Cash
Contact Eric
Cell / Text

I’m trying to think of a situation when I would need a user manual and install CD without the actual piece of equipment. Maybe I’ll text Eric and ask him. Perhaps I’ve just moved to Ish and my HP 6200 All In One printer got here, but I can’t find the manual. I want to look up how to change paper size in the tray. What if it’s wonky and I need to reinstall it? Did I get a new PC? Will the printer work with it? It’s not like I can just go online and download a PDF of the manual. I wonder if Eric knows about that. Guess he just didn’t noitce


2 thoughts on “Post 858: Not Quite All

  1. Ten bucks? I got a pile of HP manuals and CDs wasting my space, I’ll do spark a deal and send them all to Spark, $5 each.

    Especially now that I have thrown off the shackles and yoke of inkjet and converted to laserjet. Freedom!

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