Post 860: Tole Ya

Vintage Rare Metal French Tole Planter – $155
Signed on bottom, “Made in France” and shows original price as $189. My mother purchased this in the 60’s from a fine decorator/furniture store in Chicago and had a professional dried flower arrangement in it. I believe this is a rare find. Measures: 8″ x 14.5″ and 7″ deep.

First Point of Order: Just because an item is written on in cursive does not mean it is signed.

Second Point of Order: If this item cost $189 in the sixties, that was like $600 now.

Third Point of Order: The tag on the bottom looks like the kind used these days in antique shops.

Sparky, I am willing to bet that Mom is no longer around to verify the history of the item. Cool story, broh, but not worth a week’s pay at Taco Bell.


2 thoughts on “Post 860: Tole Ya

  1. This is taking a tioll on me.
    What happened to the “professional dried flower arrangement”? Eaten by the dog? Pawned? Further in the back of the antiques dealer’s trailer the vase was stolen from?
    Metal is pretty unique, it has this “thing” where you can stamp, or engrave it with all sorts of information, like the name of the factory, or the atelier where it was made.
    Writing, even neatly, in Sharpie does not make a thing antique.

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