Post 863: This Looks Familiar

Coffee Table w/Glass Inserts

post 863 table 1

condition: excellent
size / dimensions: 60 x 23.5 x 16 inches
Please do not ask if it is still available. The ad will be deleted when TAKEN.
Coffee Table w/Glass Top Inserts
Faux Walnut finish – Good to Excellent
Must be able to move them yourself as seller cannot help.

NinjaChow submitted this, saying, “It’s the coffee table to go with the couch that everybody had!” And it’s free, as long as you can move it yourself. Snippy Sparky doesn’t want to deal with the usual CL readers who want to know it the table is still available and if the seller can help move it. Because Reading may be Fundamental, but it doesn’t pay as much as playing basketball. Or hockey.


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