Post 864: Keeping it Friendly

Hey, look! Another Pet Week!

*Canine Friendly Harness and Leash*
Selling this harness size xxs for 5 to 10lbs (I was able to use it until my puppy was 14lbs) and leash. Good condition, good quality, I upgraded to a bigger size once my puppy grew out of it. Asking $10 to take both text if interested

Submitted by NinjaChow who wonders “Opposed to an unfriendly harness & leash?” It’s so hard to get the dog into the unfriendly ones, so be sure to buy only the ones that say Friendly right on the package!


3 thoughts on “Post 864: Keeping it Friendly

  1. Hmm, what assurances can you provide that this item actually has been cleaned of dog sweat, vermin, chemistries related to vermin, or the like.
    And just why are you ditching the retractor leash too? Spring busted? controls broken?

    Or, as may be entirely possible here–it’s all covered in eau de skunk . . .

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