Post 866: No Bunny’s Perfect

Hey, look! Another Pet Week!

Meet little Rossie
This is little Rossie she is a beautiful perfect size netherland dwarf female bunny. She is 8-9 months old still young not fix so you can fix her is you like. I would like her to go to a pet home only. She is use to indoors and outdoors she is potty trained not 100% as o bunny is but goes on her corner Potty. She is very friendly when she gets use to you but shy at first. Has beautiful big eyes very nice colors and big round face. Located in [Ish] for pick up asking fee of $180 will come with some food and hay bag only. She is under 3lbs very tiny pretty much full grown. Pls only reply if serious thanks for reading!💕🐰

I wonder if Rossie was meant to be Rosie? Submitter NinjaChow tells us, “Even in Canadian dollars $180 seems a bit steep for a bunny without a hutch and what exactly is a pet home only?” I’m thinking this Sparky doesn’t want Rossie used for breeding or meat or fur. She’s potty trained but not 100%. She’s shy but friendly. She has beautiful eyes that can’t be seen in the pictures. She’s perfect.


2 thoughts on “Post 866: No Bunny’s Perfect

  1. $180?
    Hmm, $20 for the Pizza would leave $160, which would be enough to get the boot off the car . . .
    But, the bunneh is the only one sober enough to drive . . .
    Sorry, Ross, no divorce for you!

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