Post 867: It’s a Trap!

Assorted figurines and vase
Assorted items by appointment

Submitter NinjaChow insists “Nope, just nope” Considering they have a weeping angel right there in front, I wouldn’t either. But if you call and make an appointment with just the vase, and insist they bring it out to the front yard for the interview, all should go well. I think Sparky is lying, there is more than one vase in the pictures. I wonder how much for the Grecian urn?

4 thoughts on “Post 867: It’s a Trap!

  1. Hmm, appears to be more thna the one vase. And an urn or two. And a samovar off to the right–have to wonder if that’s the committee one is expected to make an appointment with.

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  2. “By appointment?” So, you go to this perdition and Spark says, “And you will have the blue chiffon” without even asking what armor class I am, or do I have enough D20S.

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