Post 868: In Which Sparky has Too Much Shard-inay

1940 decorative vintage window 30×27 – $50
1940s vintage decorative glass and wood window with hardware for mounting on wall installed $50 obo call Meg

Oh, Meg! Yoo-hoo! There seems to be some mistake here. Windows aren’t usually mounted on walls. I see by the diverse photos you included that you have leaned this window against various things. A window normally is installed in a special window opening. Then you can see out of it, which is why there’s glass in it. Hope you get the obos you need.


4 thoughts on “Post 868: In Which Sparky has Too Much Shard-inay

  1. Sparklemeg has, in fact, installed loop wall hanging hooks on the back of this thing, for displaying upon a wall.

    No mention of the age of this thing, so, short of testing we do not know if the peeling paint is lead-based or not.

    It’s clearly “chic” and terribly “ironic” in having a window on rather than in a wall. So, now my head aches like I’ve been around clove cigarettes and cheap box wine and pompous artistes and their vermin.

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  2. Given the very likely probability that there’s lead paint, and which is flaking off, SparkleMeg is not going to like the bill for $300-500 I have to send here to encapsulate this thing (or to have it stripped in a licensed facility to bare wood) to meet PPG standards.

    Not very “green” of you, SparkleMeg, trying to poison small chilluns with your high-brow art.

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