Post 869: For Vintage Ladies Only

Vintage Lady’s Hat 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s – $1
Vintage lady’s hat with bow and mink accents. This is the real deal for authentic attire from the early 1900’s. $15.00 or best offer. Also have other vintage fur pieces

Friends, do you think this hat is ugly? Do you think those poor mink died in vain? Or is the hat hideous? Unglamorous? Loathsome? A cross between a tarantula and a sarlacc? Fit only to start your next barbecue fire? You call that a bow? And do you believe that fashions didn’t change for 3 decades? That’s what I thought.

3 thoughts on “Post 869: For Vintage Ladies Only

  1. Sheesh, Spark’ ten seconds of internet searching showed me that if you display this crown right side up you can ask $60 for it on eBay.

    Another minute of searching does show it was high “flapper” fashion to wear these “points down” with a “bob” haircut, too. Mind “flapper” was not a desirable thing to _be_ in the 20s. At least not until Prohibition, when it became chic to be immoral.

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