Post 870: Trailer Trashed

condition: good

I think Sparky is holding back some information here. How did this good condition trailer become such a pile of trash? Submitter Ralph suggests it’s “Perfect for COVID-19 self-isolation.” It certainly will be the last self-isolation place you will ever need. It’s also free because Sparky doesn’t want to pay to have it hauled off his property. If you’re thinking of hauling it yourself, I expect that by the time you get to the new location for it, there will be nothing left of it at all.

5 thoughts on “Post 870: Trailer Trashed

  1. Probably telling that spark took all the photos by photographing a screen image–hence the bare lamp in each one.

    It’s not exactly reflecto-pr0n, but the fact that the computer is in a room only lit by an exposed light fixture surrounded by sketchy drywall bodes not well.

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  2. The significant amount of blue tarping does not suggest much in the way of weather-tightness for this, er, uhm, ah, conveyance.

    The plywood and flakeboard over the windows is probably an issue, too.

    The “kitchen” photo appears to be much wider than the barely 8 foot wide trailer, and is likely Spark’s _actual_ kitchen, which looks to reek of cheap tobacco and flesh boilt from bones.

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  3. As a general rule, when selling a trailer, it’s a very good idea to indicate what sort of hitch the trailer is meant to use.
    Ok, when Spark’s buyer shows up in a second-hand Yugo with a 1 7/8″ Class I hitch, they are for the boiling pot anyway.

    But, even if it’s bubba from the hollar two over shows up with a 2 5/16″ he’s going to be cranky if this beast has some sort of redneck gooseneck rig.

    The weight of the trailer matters, too, as a Class III trailer will not tow for very long on a Class II hitch. (And the lack of suitable brakes are going to be an issue, too.)

    Naturally, this thing is going to be PC for being stopped by every LEO seeing it on the road. What with it looking like the final exam at the drug-sniffing dog academy.

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  4. Ok, have to wonder how many times Spark entered “Meth Lab Fur Sell” in CL before realizing that CL will reject some ad titles?


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