Post 873: Fish Geometry

Angle fish
Large marble angle very healthy rehoming fee

Submitter NinjaChow pointed out the speeling prolbem Sparky has. She was being kind. Sparky also does not include water with the fish. And indeed, you can expect a very healthy rehoming fee. Of course, it will be in Canadian dollars, so round up.

3 thoughts on “Post 873: Fish Geometry

  1. Hmm, spark not including scale, or a price, or correct speeling? Par for the course.
    Aquarium glass is complicated, too. You really need a scale reference (which is complicated as fish are under-happy about you jabbing rulers in the tank with them.
    And, they do rather need oxygenated water to be comfortable.
    And Canadian Post is likely to frown on fish, waterless or watered, as that’s complicated to apply the postage stamp to. (And the Customs declaration will be equally complicated.)

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