Post 875: Put it on the Rack

Stylish Cast Iron Wine Rack (Strong and Quality) – $250
condition: like new
size / dimensions: L 14.5ins × W 20ins × H 56ins
●Like new condition
●Stunning your home
●Hold 10 wine glasses and 21 wine bottles

Well, it is lovely, but I have to agree with NinjaChow: “Not sure my home is ready to be stunned.” Plus if I have 21 bottles of wine and 10 glasses, that’s two bottles per glass and one to share around evenly. If Sparky helps me with my wine dilemma, do you think he will come down on the price at all? Asking for nine friends.

3 thoughts on “Post 875: Put it on the Rack

  1. That’s a paltry thing.
    You buy wine by the case (or by the box).
    Having a mere 21 bottles is nothing but a quick trip to Total Wine.

    And don’t get me started on wine storage.


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