Post 877: Another New Year’s Resolution Ended

make / manufacturer: Reebok x
size / dimensions: 6”3 x 4”5
Free treadmill, needs some work.

Such a sad story. Last December, this beauty sat under the tree, adorned with a large red bow. After the tree was put away, the treadmill held pride of place next to the widescreen television. Mom and Dad used it faithfully every day. Then every weekend. Then the kids were allowed to play on it. In the rainy season, coats and umbrellas were hung all over it. Soon you couldn’t really tell what it was. When the family dug it out again, it has succumbed to metal rot and fatigue. The tread made funny noises as it spun around. And here you have it, pushed out next to the driveway, free for any takers. Let that be a lesson to all you home gym people. Wait until summer and get all the stuff you want for free!


2 thoughts on “Post 877: Another New Year’s Resolution Ended

  1. So, about 60 seconds of Google informs me that the Reebok RX1000 retailed for about $1500-1800, so, free is a good price.
    Another ten seconds informs that working versions are going for $50 on LetGo.
    Repair parts are available, but will cost more that the repaired unit is worth (even before it was left outside).

    It would probably have more worth as an art installation, as the irony of a non-working treadmill for sale probably “says something.”

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