Post 878: Holy Guacamole, Batman!

Retro avacado stove
We are changing things up at the cabin. We want to give away this stove as part of the change. Works well. Bring help, I’ve got a bad leg.

Sparky, I’m sorry about your leg but shouldn’t you seek a medical professional? I think asking on CL for help is not very safe. Cute avacado stove you got there. Even if you spelled it wrong. Must be the pain from your leg, huh?

Thanks for the ad, Ralph, and the perfect title.


3 thoughts on “Post 878: Holy Guacamole, Batman!

  1. It does appear to be a well-kept range, for being easily five decades old.

    Which means it very likely has asbestos blanket insulation inside. Which being very old, will be brittle, and when disturbed will producte the most dangerous type of Type I fiber fragments. Which is likely to hurt more than a leg.

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  2. Spark has a bad leg, so, they clean forgot to mention that this will be a three-wire 220VAC range. Which will want a custom adapter in a house with modern, to-Code, wiring.
    There’s the issue that this is direct-wired, too–that the appliance is wired directly to the junction box behind it in the cabin. (Being a cabin, the junction box may not even be present.) So this pale green beast may want some high voltage un-wiring just to drag it out.

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