Post 879: William Shatner Selling Tools

Used. Auto. Tools
Axle. Sockets. Asking. 40. Oil filter. Tools. Asking. 75. Clutch. Wrenches. Asking. 50. Thanks. For looking.

Must. Buy. Wenches. Kaaaaahhn! I’m. Asking you. Is this. A Man-Trap? Where. Are. The Dilithium. Crystals?

Thanks to submitter Bombdude for risking his sanity and sending that one in. It wasn’t even on Craigslist!


6 thoughts on “Post 879: William Shatner Selling Tools

  1. I suspect Spark entered this ad on a flip phone.
    Which was acquired in much the same way as these tools–to use a charitable word: haphazardly.

    While professional automotive tools have high retail prices, most of that imputed value is from the name brand associated with the maker of the tools. Ad the prices reflect this. Harbor Freight tools to not command the value of “real” automotive tools (or OEM and Snap-On, for that matter).

    Spark’s prices (and provided data) do not reflect this so very much.


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  2. Err, somenthing like only 25 of all US cars have a clutch anymore, which may explain the lack of wear on those.
    And most vehicles no longer need much more than a band clamp to spin off an oil filter, so, those specialty filter sockets are going to be dust collectors, too.
    That pile of a/c gauges are equally useless, as you need a vacuum recovery system, or risk an angry visit by the State EPA authority.

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