Post 880: Something There is That Doesn’t Love a Wall

Mud Room for a Camper
Mud room with door and a gas furnace but not sure if the furnace still works
Please call Win if interested in having this

Sparky, fark the furnace! The “mud room” doesn’t work! It’s a past structure. Even if you threw in the camper, you’d still need an army of stout lads and lasses to hold it upright. I think you are asking someone to haul this junk away so you don’t have to. Not a Win-Win situation. Thanks, Ralph, for the ad, the title, and the memory of a masterpiece poem.


6 thoughts on “Post 880: Something There is That Doesn’t Love a Wall

  1. Hmm, a “camper” has the entire outsoodr as a “mud room.” So, a “mud room” implies something not called a “camper.” A “travel trailer,” perhaps? AHmm, a bit too mobile. Perhaps a single-wide trailer? But, then, where would you put the redwood deck?
    More questions than answers here.

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  2. Normally wolves are only able to knock down houses of straw and wood.
    So this vestidor de barro must weigh no more than a duck.
    Which can only mean “Burn It! Burn it!”

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