Post 882: Occasional Railroads

Railroad ties

Free railroad ties full length and some cut perfect for any occasion

One has to be very picky about how your ties are cut. If the fabric is not cut on the bias, your tie won’t drape properly. And contrary to Sparky’s comment, these are not suitable to any occasion. Railroad ties are nearly impossible to get a good four-in-hand knot from. You wouldn’t want to show up at your Cousin Sharon’s funeral like that. Your relatives would shun you. At least once.

Thanks, Ralph, for the ad and the funeral arrangement. We’re off to a great start to the week.


2 thoughts on “Post 882: Occasional Railroads

  1. While the European term-of-art is “sleeper,” tie is the North American railroading term-of-art. Construction is by way of how the timber ties the rails together.

    How the fashion accessory changed from cravat or ascot to the appellation “tie” I do not know. Only that a closure at the neck to retain body heat dates back to the Medieval Warming Period. A paltry five centuries or so.

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  2. Hmm, the humble railroad tie.
    Typically pressure treated with creosote–which is caustic, and banned in CA is every use but railroad operations. Also, often dip-treated in creosote as well. So, cutting them exposes all manner of icky.
    Usually only decommissioned due to rot of structural splits.
    Can contain broken rusty fasteners for a tetanus risk, along with everything that ever dripped doff a train rolling above.
    Railroads typically spray their rail lines with strong herbicides, which will be soaked into the ties.
    Because of environmental regulations, never surplussed to the general public, so rather a large quantity of privately-held examples are, in fact, stolen property.

    So, just the thing for a raised veggie garden or children’s play area.

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