Post 884: Cover Story


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Couch- it’s a white couch with a blue cover. Couch is in great shape but has drink/food stains on white cloth

Other titles might have been: Honey, I shrunk the couch! Or Hide and Seek. Or Blue is my World. Or Schrodinger’s Couch. If this wasn’t posted in Free Stuff, we wouldn’t know how much Sparky wanted for it. As it is, one must journey to Sparky’s house to see the actual item being given away and then decide if it’s worth the price. Thanks, Ralph, great ad as always.

Note: WordPress has gone to a new editor that doesn’t work with my concept of WTF Sparkyville. Look for a possible move someday soon. -Editor


3 thoughts on “Post 884: Cover Story

  1. Peasant: A Couch! A Couch! Burn it! Burn it!
    Knight: What is this commotion?
    Peasant 2: It’s a Couch, an’ we wanna Burn it!
    K: Er, how do you know it’s not a sofa?
    P2: It turned me into a newt!
    Crowd: Burn! Burn!
    K: Really?
    P1: Well, ‘e got bettah!
    Crowd: Burn the couch! Burn! Burn!
    K: It only has a few stains . . .
    P1: Auntie stains, you mean! Burn!
    K: It has this cover, and, it’s Free!
    P1: Free, not for long, we’re burning this couch!
    K: But . . .
    Peasant3: Look we’re not falling for that imperialist dogma imposed by watery tarts anymore!
    P2: It weighs as much as a duck!
    Crowd: Burn! Burn!Burn!Burn!Burn!Burn!Burn!
    K: Oh well, I’ll get the matches . . .


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