Post 885: Mo’ Beta

Beta video tapes

post 885 tapes

good used condition, don’t need them anymore

Well, who does? Beta left the building long before VHS, and DVDs pushed those out around 2003. Now you’re going to throw in some 8 Track cassettes? Sorry, Sparky. I’d be surprised if you sell these.


2 thoughts on “Post 885: Mo’ Beta

  1. Hmmm, blank, sealed, Betamax tapes can command as much as $3 each on eBay.
    Opened, used, tapes are not much selling at 99¢ each. Amazon is offering sealed-in-box L-750 for $8 with free shipping. Or, about $2 each with $6 shipping, translating that price.

    There _is_ a market for 168 & 180 hour beta tapes, for security camera systems, where digital recording is a good thing. If ore typically in 19mm rather than 12.7mm tape.

    Those 165 foot tapes only record about 60 minutes, too.

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