Post 886: When You Gotta Go

Custom Portable Restroom Trailer – $28,500

4 Station Portable Restroom Trailer Compact | Cabo Series
Model Year:2019
Standard Toilets:4
Fresh Water Tank (Gallons):125
Waste Tank (Gallons):370
Hot Water Heater:Yes
Smarter Restrooms App:Yes
Mechanics Room:Yes
Box Length:13′
Box Width:6′
Curb Weight (lbs.):4217
A/C Unit Type (BTU):13.5
A/C Unit Count:1
Water Supply:City Water- Pressurized Water System- Garden Hose
Power Supply/Cords:(1-2) 120v 30 amp

This is almost every woman’s dream. No need to use public restrooms. No waiting in long lines at concerts (should those be a thing again). I have a birthday coming up. Also Christmas might be happening. I wonder if I can write it off as a medical necessity? Sparky, you done good.

3 thoughts on “Post 886: When You Gotta Go

  1. A rolling four-holer.
    It’s not barrier-free, so no selling access, sadly.
    Definitely needed for glamping.
    Going to want to include a generator for power (or nothing much will work).

    Not real comfortable with the “city water” by way of “garden hose.” “Garden hose” is about 12 gallons a minute, so that 125 gallon tank fills in ten minutes. That holding tank is not very large, either, unless this is meant to be a “blue” treated black water system.

    Which brings us the the most sparkii-ish aspect of this posting. Not one word on how the blackwater/sanitary tank is pumped out. Or how.
    The Vacation movies should have taught the basic minimums at play here.

    Not much help to take to the sportsball tailgate if you then have to drive 50-75 miles to the KOA to pay to empty the tank.

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  2. Spark had a idea to keep Sparkette happy.

    But, it turns out that 4200# trailers take special licensing & inspections.

    And that blackwater systems are a different inspection all together (usually at the RV dealership 40 miles across town).

    Also, that the vehicle fitted out to pull a two to trailer does not get the best gas mileage, which is an issue when driving to the campground/RV park to drainl it out.

    And, then, where to park the thing when not is use, it’s going to footprint about 15x8x10 feet, so it’s unlikely to fit in the garage, and it’s two tons, so it needs its own driveway. Which will need permits.

    Speaking of permits, in most of SoCal, you’ll not get one for the certainty that the people renting your garage for $1200/mo are going to use it, as well as the people in the pool house out back, too. So, your kind-hearted City may require you to store the trailer off-site.

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