Post 888: Oz Math

Parakeet/Budgie Pair with Large Flight Cage

Have a beautiful budgie pair available. Male and 2 Female

$250 rehoming obo

With the flight cage.

One Pair is usually 2. One plus One plus One is not 2. One male plus one female is a pair. One male plus two females is a triple. This is unacceptable. Sparky, I have to flag your ad for mathematical errors. Also overcharging for used budgies. Even if they do play the obo.


3 thoughts on “Post 888: Oz Math

  1. Hmm, first photo shows four, second photo shows none, and third photo shows three.

    I also note that the well-gnawed perch in photos 1 & 3 is not in the cage photo at all.

    So, perhaps Spark was attempting to speel “pear” which might accurately describe the shape of this bait and switch.

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  2. Hmm, $250 is pretty steep for a large flight cage which is probably used.
    Some of the boutique bird stores have outrageous cage prices, and they’ll thrown in birds “for free” but, this is not a boutique, specialty store, Spark is not a subject matter expert–no sale.

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  3. Why is it I suspect that spark has some sort of budgie-mill going, and the $250 is the fine for the citation the Building Code people left him with after the neighbors dropped dime on him.


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