Post 889: A Lucky Chance

Oo! Looks like we got a pet week going here!

WANTED: Dog Lost. Shih Tzu

Named Lucky , answers when called . White and Brown color Shih Tzu. Neutured Male. 7 years old but with baby teeth. No collar no tattoo but with microchip .

Last Seen in No.# Road & [Ish] Road. [Location]. BC. He went missing Thursday in the afternoon around 6pm. Please call or message if found.

So, well after tea time. As submitter NinjaCow said, “If Lucky still has his baby teeth at 7 yrs old Sparky doesn’t deserve to get him back.” Exactly why the pup scarpered at his first opportunity. He no doubt went on the black dog market to find a tech who could change the info on his chip. He now goes by the name of ZuZu and struts his stuff on stages everywhere. Thanks, NC, great ad.

4 thoughts on “Post 889: A Lucky Chance

  1. We see the deplorable state of American grammar on full display here.
    Which is it, Spark, do you want the dog or do you want it lost?

    “Answers when called”? So, apparently, either the answers are incorrect or the wrong number is being called. Which is it, Spark?

    Last seen in a road intersection about 1800? Are you in the habit of allowing your pets to roam the streets off leash (“lead” in BC)? Are you aware that we have laws about that to prevent this very occurrence?

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  2. Spark’s level of cluelessness set new nadirs.
    Imagining that the 7 y/o teeth are “baby” teeth, just what is Spark expecting dental-wize? A saber-toothed shih tzu?
    But, spark also allows the dog to play in street intersections at night, too.

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