Post 890: Is That Racist?

Kittens Ready to Go

10 week old kittens ready for their new home. 2 colored females and one black male colored eyes. They are all very sweet, playful. They have grown up around children and dogs so they are friendly. No shots yet. Small rehung fee $30 each. We want them to go to loving homes. Litter box trained.

Colored females and one black male with colored eyes is really a bad way to describe your kittens. Sure, you want loving homes, but what about the people living in the homes? Why did you hang the kittens in the first place so that you have to charge a rehung fee? I have to go call Animal Control.

And thus ends our Pet Week. Hope you enjoyed it.


3 thoughts on “Post 890: Is That Racist?

  1. So, do we get any idea how large the parents are?
    Or is this a box of “free” kittens you absconded with.
    These putative “good homes” for to be hung kittens will need to know how large a litter box to get.
    How much are the kittens fed now?
    Might be a good idea before being presented by the marketing crush which is kitten chow at a good store.
    How big a cat bed will be required–those cardboard boxes don’t size themselves, you know.

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