Post 891: Do Not Try This At Home

Cfraftsmal tablesaw

Ralph and I pondered this ad. He sent it in with the comment, “Blade guard not included. Split lip?” That seems to be the case. Sparky was caught off guard, ha ha, and Mrs. Sparky is giving the tablesaw away before anyone else gets injured. Safety First, we always say in the Lounge.


4 thoughts on “Post 891: Do Not Try This At Home

  1. “Cfraftsmal” Does seem an odd portmanteau of, perhaps, “Craftsman” (a brand of saw) and “small.”
    Now, Craftsman tools was a nameplat applied by Porter Cable to tools they provided to Sears for retail sale.
    Which, like as not, Mrs Spark did not know either before or after removing the chewin’ tobaccy.

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  2. The item pictures is a small table saw, occasionally referred to as a “contractor saw.” This being due to it being portable.

    However the flimsy stand and wobbly platform are precisely why contractors seldom actually use this small (and rickety) a saw.

    But does not stop the budget-minded (aka “cheapskate”) consumer from buying the things and producing constructions of raggety plywood and scrap material and proudly proclaiming them the equal of actual work built by actual craftsmen.

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