Post 892: Nothing Up Her Sleeve

healing hands 25 for one hour

35 for 1 1/2 great body work with healing combinations of chinese deep tissue lomi lomi and swedish an experience of valuable comfort relaxing the sinews and muscles soothing of the mind and soul take advantage of this offer of healing affordable for everyone heated towel and oil yoga instruction available monday tues and wed usually from 8 9 or 10 am and 5 pm sometimes 4 saturday am shifts verity

Apparently the longer she works on you, the more hands she grows. Too bad she doesn’t know the valuable comfort of punctuation and capitalization. Those hours she works are sketchy, too.

3 thoughts on “Post 892: Nothing Up Her Sleeve

  1. Ok, I’m confused by Spark’ and more than usual.
    Are we to understand Spark will pay us 25 to touch us with their greasy mitts;
    Or are we to pay Spark to be molested.?
    35 what for a 1.5 great bodies? I already feel like I have 1.5 body now, I need no more, Spark.

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