Post 893: Best Seat in the House

Working toilet

Free toilet. Clean

I am nearly certain that a commode sitting in your garden is not working as a toilet. I am equally certain that I could not pick this up, set it down in my own house, and have it working. I’m happy it’s clean. However, your idea of clean and mine could be miles apart. My idea involves a blow torch. Carry on.


3 thoughts on “Post 893: Best Seat in the House

  1. Hmm, as a practical matter, is it a one-piece or a two piece toilet?
    Does it include the fill plumbing?
    What size “flush” is it designed for?
    Are all the mounting bolts included?
    Is it cracked in any location?

    Sigh, the things one learns from experience.

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  2. So, we are presented a mystery. What is alleged to be a perfectly good toilet, set in a garden, offered for free.
    While there are people so committed to style that they would replace plumbing fixtures, and give away the replaced fixtures.
    This level of philanthropy is passing rare.
    So, what other cause might put this not quite to the curb?

    Overzealous ‘plumber’ cracked the stool cranking down on the mounting bolts. Or cracked the bowl-to-stool bolts. (All of which neatly explaine why the seat is mounted, too.)
    Product defects could be a possibility–miscasting of the fill hole in the tank, defect in the internal channels, that sort of thing. Except that the makers of china accessories are very diligent in their QC, and were a defective unit found, it would be returned to the retailer, and the seat moved as well.

    Which leaves the last possibility–this was stolen, entire, from some model or “spec built” tract house, or a similar job site. And the pawnshop was not going to give $20 for it.

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