Post 895: Bill Me.

Aynsley Hexagonal pin dish – $30

A vintage collection of English “Aynsley” Fine Bone China Pieces.

18th Century Aynsley Design. Hexagonal pin dish with knife. The decoration being of a shrub in full colorful flower with a long beaked blue bird on branch. This being a reproduction of an original 18th century “Aynsley” design. Probably mid to late 20th century.

Pristine condition; there are no chips or cracks. No box condition: new Cash and pick up only More items available deals on more items.

That’s right, folks, this is a new antique. No box because we could only fine octagonal ones. This is a one of a kind pin dish with a bird on it offered by Sparky’s cats, obviously. Question: Why is there a matching knife to a pin dish? Wouldn’t a cheese dish be more likely to have a match? Ah, well, who knows exactly what goes on in the minds of a Sparky.


3 thoughts on “Post 895: Bill Me.

  1. Shape of the blade rules out cheese; did a quick look on eBay — it’s a butter knife and dish.
    Found an exact match for £4.99 (£27 for shipping, though). And, an actual antique, too.

    From a cursory examination, “pin dishes” are smaller and with less lip on their edge.
    They come in several geometries, too. If, in more typical Euclidean ones.

    Saw no prices over $20, so Spark is barking.

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  2. I have a scone, do you have butter?
    I gots pins.
    Are you sure, that looks like a butter dish?
    Well, I have a packet of jam, do you have a knirfe?
    Nope, hexed pinz only! Tirty kwatloo an’ a concert obo or get lost!

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