Post 897: Oy To The World

Big Blue Bin of Christmas Town Decorations

If this ad is up, it’s available, so no need to ask. Those Christmas town decorations, etc. Plus a menorah!

Obviously a sign of Religious Fusion. Everyone is Baptized on December 24, then we play with our dradles until it’s time for Midnight Mass. The next morning, we light the Menorah and sing Wesleyan songs until Buddah comes with the presents. Be careful if you see a blue lady with a bunch of arms in the bin. She’s putting coal in everyone’s stockings.


4 thoughts on “Post 897: Oy To The World

  1. Wow, Christmas Town (?) decorations have sure gone downhill lately. All I can discern in there is wadded up paper, cardboard and some red and green twine. On the other hand, I guess those are appropriate for 2020.

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