Post 900: Abused Trees

FREE Stuff

FREE! Shipping pallet and other wood items. Working lightbulbs. Used. Used crutches. DID I MENTION THAT THIS IS ALL FREE! ONLY TODAY!

How long were these lightbulbs, as you call them, used? They could burn out as soon as I screw them in. This seems to be a lot of junk that possibly caused someone to trip and need the crutches. Yes, you did mention it’s all free. I’m thinking this is a case where you can’t give it away.


3 thoughts on “Post 900: Abused Trees

  1. Hmm, lay the pallet down, pile wooden things on it, and lash down for convenience?

    Not one of those lamps sells, new, for more than $5, and all tend to fail after being removed. So, “used” is less than ideal. Sigh.

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