Post 902: Infinite Lack

Vertical Pallet Garden – $100


I am offering a unique vertical pallet garden that will bring you so much joy every time you see it! This is made from a repurposed pallet that has been sanded, stained, and set up to raise the vibe of your Home! I enjoy mine adorned with a beautiful array of succulents since they don’t require much watering, but you can grow anything from succulents to herbs to small vegetables! I’m hoping for $100 as is, or if you would like it loaded with succulents the price would increase to $222. This is available for free pick up or delivery around [Place Name] county for an additional charge! Thanks for checking out my work! Infinite Love 🙂

Interestingly enough, there are instructions all over Pinterest on how to turn a pallet into a garden. I, in fact, have such a pallet garden. Sort of. I see from your instructive photos that I need to put that plastic backing on it. Then my house will have that higher vibe for less than a couple dollars. Thanks for sharing!

3 thoughts on “Post 902: Infinite Lack

  1. Pinterest loves pallets.
    Pinterest does not appreciate the amount of organic chemistry transported on pallets.
    The stuff that will kill you clean dead even if you sand it and put a coat of cheap paint on.

    And, unless you go buy pristine, unused, pallets, you are buy a touch of every thing that pallet ever carried. Which, I will admit, can confuse people immersed in disposable, single-use culture. But, the cheapest, the “waste” pallets are the ones that are worn out, especially by repeated fluid leaks in to absorbent wood just waiting for a person to release them using a saw or the like.


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