Post 903: Bird is the Word

Foldable Stainless Steel Parrot Cage – $600

Used-Like New. 52″x41″x27″ Easy to fold, assemble and maintain a bird cage that is perfect for parrots and other large birds. It features 4 feeding doors for easy access and cleaning. Includes wood perch, tray, seed guards and grate, wheel casters. Original retail cost $2000 (Bird not included 🙂 )

You used it like it was new when it was new. Parrots are the largest birds that would be kept in a cage like that. I’d like to know what sort of bird you kept in there, Sparky. I’d also like to see the cage as it is now, not pictures from a catalog. If you did include a bird, you could raise the price back up to 2K. Chew on that idea for a while.


2 thoughts on “Post 903: Bird is the Word

  1. LoL, KC, the African Gray at my house would fold that up into a modern art masterpiece in far less than a day.
    Then have an extended squawk that it could not be ruined anymore.

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  2. “seed guards” you call those seed guards?
    Maybe for a finch, or a budgie–any other birds, that’s just one more surface to clean.

    Those “feeder cups” are not lasting, either.

    There’s a reason the catalog photo shows the parrot on the outside–thta door was not holding her in.

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