Post 905: Erstwhile, Extendible, and Mahogony


This table has been restored to its erstwhile beauty by meticulous craftsmen. The additional (optional) leaves are 22″ X 48″ and the table when fully extended is 92″ X 48″. When not extended, it is 48″ X 48″ The “outside” legs with bottom rollers fold inward and upward when not in use, like a landing gear on an airplane, and snap to a locked and tucked position. It’s a beauty. Incidentally, I did the restoration myself since I restore nearly anything but specialize in antiquities. If you have any other needs, please give me a call. Thank you.

It is beautiful. But I have to wonder if you misspell a couple big words and use another that, while correct, won’t be understood by many readers of CL, what else you may have missed. Like the landing gear on an airplane. this table needs to be able to tuck and lock without any errors. What if the entire Thanksgiving Feast collapses and looks more like the Jamestown Massacre of 1622! Better stick to the card tables and foot rests this year.


3 thoughts on “Post 905: Erstwhile, Extendible, and Mahogony

  1. So why are the leaves optional? Is Sparky charging extra for them and what if I want the table without the leaves, what do you do with leaves without a table? Canadian Thanksgiving is already over so I have no need for Sparky’s table, leaves or no leaves, I’ll pass.

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