Post 906: Some Samurai Loving

Samurai with spear and large loving-cup, Hakata clay figurine

Large Japanese Hakata figurine of a samurai warrior is robed finely hand painted black kamishimo (samurai formal costume) with wave motif His dark-hand made kimono has family crest ot mon. He holds a spear in one hand, and the other large loving-cup. His pose is trenchant and face is very expressive. Wooden case comes with. this been in family since 1948 Pet/ smoke Home Free am asking 599 ,,, ebay and other web price between 999 to 1500 got a lot to sell

Sparky, look, the samurai is a work of art and deserves to have an ad of its own. Sell the other two things and whatever else you have in another ad. Because I have no idea what the brown statue is supposed to be. I’m still pondering Pet/ smoke Home Free. I have to agree, the first word that came to my mind when I looked at the samurai’s pose was trenchant. I can almost believe English is your native language. But not quite.


5 thoughts on “Post 906: Some Samurai Loving

  1. The wood statue appears to have the same issue with how the kataginu.does not go over the left shoulder for some reason.
    Which was common for archers, but not those with a yari.

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  2. That appears to be a sakazuke, which is not really a “loving cup.”

    Why it’s important to tell us the kimono is dark-hand made escapes me. Particularly as it has no Mon.
    The kataginu.has mon, if in a decorative pattern rather than a familial identification way. Which matches his hakama–which is usually more of a theater thing.

    Also, since our figure is not wearing the daito. it’s not entirely appropriate to socially elevate him to samurai. Many commoners served i nthe wars with a yari.

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  3. What’s really sad is that spark, may actually have a very desirable item here.

    Ok, he’s clouding the issue by cut-n-pasting a catalog listing from Japan. And did not bother to notice that the site the description was stolen from is for all-clay figurines.

    Having trawled eBay over several sets on search terms, I find nothing similar over $400, so Spark, once again, is barking up the wrong tree.
    What’s sad is that this might be a $3000 retail item in real like (as opposed to sparkii life).

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