Post 907: Missed Opportunity

Sale High end Home Stuff

we have 3 items left the vases are antique from 1967 the 5 Feet no crack , chips lie new $ 650.00 the 3 feet vase has crack / fix / $ 275.00 Victorian Mirror from England 5X3 Asking $650.00 all sold ASIS , contact us for pick / cash only

Let’s break this down, shall we? Sale High, probably should have been Sell High. And end Home Stuff means they are never selling this stuff again. Antique from 1967? Amazing it has lasted that long. That five footed vase has no crack left inside. Don’t believe the chips, they lie. Sparky will only accept brand new bills that total $650. The three footed vase does still have crack inside and the fix is in. It will only cost you $275 of any condition. Finally, the antique mirror from across the pond is asking and asking and won’t shut up. But most of all, the reflections in the many, many photos of the mirror would have been perfect for reflectoporn. Another missed opportunity that would have sold Sparky’s wares in a heartbeat! Better luck, next time, Sparky.


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