Post 909: Welcome to Possum Lodge

Lodge Cooking pot

Have a red lodge heavy cooking pot. Got a new one. Its about 12 in dia. 6 in high. Call Butch. NO Texts or emails. Call if you want it.

Good ol’ Red Green at the Possum Lodge is going to have to make Butch an honorary member. Butch believes that you must justify disposing of your old heavy cooking pot. He also doesn’t believe in any of that newfangled texts or emails. A phone call was good enough for his daddy and it’s good enough for him. He’s cooked a mess of possum in that pot, no doubt he’ll invite you to stay to supper. Yum.

We’ve got a Ralph week going for the end of October! Thanks for all the great submissions.


2 thoughts on “Post 909: Welcome to Possum Lodge

  1. Hmm, Lodge enamelware, in a dutch oven sort of size sells for $60-70 new.
    Used appears to be $30-40 on eBay (with shipping running $20-30).

    Spark makes no mention of a sale price.

    So, this was used in a meth house, maybe?

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